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Hill Climb Meet-Ups

Come along and share my passion for heavy breathing and climbing hills!

Hey, Ed here. After a few years of travelling all around the UK and Europe for hill climb events I've decided to bring the vibe to my little corner of Wales. I'm always getting asked when there will be more hill climbs in Wales considering the range of climbs.

There will be 4 meet-ups, spread out through the year, taking place on a weekend. Rest assured, these climbs will be hand picked for a fine balance of difficulty, enjoyment and views. Come along to pop your hill climbing cherry, meet new people sharing encouragement, build your confidence on hills or even challenge the Strava leaderboard! 

Whatever your climbing ability, what matters is your effort!

Screen Shot 2024-03-16 at 14.40.59.png

Meet-Up #1

Betws - Bottom to Top (junction to junction)

Date : Sat 25 May

Time : 10.30am START

Meet at the bottom of the climb.

Riders set off at 60s intervals.

START POINT - WhatThreeWords

START POINT - Google Maps 

Parking options : 1 - 2 - 3

(Group ride planned for afterwards perhaps)

Meet-Up #2

Stay tuned....

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