British Hill Climb Season Training Plan - 6wk

British Hill Climb Season Training Plan - 6wk


LaverackCoaching x Backpedal - 6wk - British Hill Climb Season 2021 Training Plan


Overview -

This plan is aimed at getting you in shape and prepared for the shorter, gruelling climbs leading up to the National Championships at Winnats Pass. Enjoy learning and testing yourself through custom created workouts by Ed based on his experience at these events! Even if you aren’t planning on doing the event, riders are encouraged to create a DIY hill climb to give them something to work towards. The plan is 6 weeks long and ideally would drop you off in really great shape physically and psychologically, for the 3-8min hill climb events/KOMS!



Details - Quite polarised in it’s structure, quirky interval sessions, aimed at improving 3-8min power/aerobic capacity


Average Weekly Hours - 7hrs


Frequency - 4/5 workouts/week


Ideal Time of Year - Ideally 6-8weeks before race day, to give you time for adaptation.