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BASE - 12wk Low volume with intensity mix

BASE - 12wk Low volume with intensity mix


LC x BP "Sweetspot Base" - 12wks - Beginner/Time Crunched/Indoor Plan


Overview -

This plan is designed to maximise the time you have to train. The low-volume Sweet Spot Base does an adequate job of balancing and overloading certain workouts over the 12 week period. 

Over the course of this 12-week training plan, you'll have opportunities to table in longer form intervals, micro-bursts and fun sessions to bring about successful time spent in the correct zones. 


Details - 

12wks total split with undulating weeks, meaning that you cycle between high and low stress score weeks but sessions progressively get more clinical over time. 


Weekly Hours - 3-6hrs


Frequency - 3-4 workouts/week


Suitable for - Beginner/Time Crunched cyclist. You may also be looking for some new ideas when it comes to sweetspot training and has the flexibility with *optional workouts to include on alternate weeks. 


Time of Year - Winter/Off Season/5 months before Peak 


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