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I'm READY! What's next?


  • Once you have selected your plan, go through to payment.

  • Log on or create an account on training peaks, a free account will work fine. Once you have logged in, go to settings, and under the coach area you can add me as a coach (email will be attached to the plan)

  • Your plan will be applied manually by Ed and start on the following Monday. 

  • You are welcome to keep Ed as a coach on your TrainingPeaks account because future plans will be transferred easier and faster, and if you submit any questions anytime during the plan Ed will know exactly where you are and what you have done so far. Context will be key when answering your questions. 

  • You will also receive an email with some useful guides and troubleshooting attached to help you get the most out of your plan.

  • Select a  plan from the options, depending on your availability to train. Choose the option that best represents your average training per week, be realistic. 

  • Even if you have more time to ride than the Beginner plan, but you enjoy or want to try sweet spot training, you can still select this plan and simply increase the hours you do throughout the plan to match that of the Advanced plan. 

  • When in doubt selecting a plan, click on one to see more details on how it is structured.

  • These plans are flexible, and we will work on case by case basis if you want to transition to another plan mid or part way through. For example, a race crops up in 8weeks time but you are still on a Base plan, we can look at options to implement a Build plan as soon as possible to reach your peak in time. 





BASE Season 1

BUILD Season 1


Guides & Manuals

  • Helpful videos, documents and files will be shared with all of those that are part of the community on Discord. Most will be of my own creation but I will elicit the help from other subject matter experts. 

  • Expect more workout videos to follow along to and informative instructional videos over on youtube. 


  • This isn’t a direct 1-to-1 coaching service

  • There won’t be any direct changes made to your training plan 

  • This Is a place where you can follow exciting and useful workouts and training plans, ask questions with like-minded people in our community and learn lots of clever details about performance and how you can implement them in any form of cycling you do.

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