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BUILD  Muscular Endurance Focus  8wk

BUILD Muscular Endurance Focus 8wk


As your peak condition grows nearer, a key shift from basic abilities toward more specific ones takes place.

Muscular endurance is your body's ability to resist muscular fatigue under peddling tension.  That peddling tension is where the magic happens in your pedal stroke. The more tension in the pedals, the more power gets to the rear wheel and the faster you go. I speak quite broadly about the single biggest change you can make to your speed/effort/result is to pedal more and pedal smooth. I’m sure you've experienced a time when you have to really dig in and push hard to catch your riding buddy or not get dropped over the top of a climb as it descends quickly. After a short time, your legs start to get heavy and tired and you have to rest, losing a bike length or two on your opponent. The more times you have to repeat this kind of move, the harder it becomes. 

This form of training is great for people participating in GFs, long climbs, long endurance events, TTs or just want to specifically get stronger in this area. 


Details - 

Great for Rouler type riders, Time trials, Breakaway riders, riders looking to become strong and reliable with good fatigue resistance, long climbing efforts. 


Weekly Hours - 



Frequency - 5 workouts/week


Ideal Time of Year - 10+ weeks before Peak

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