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Ed Laverack.. the cyclist behind the Backpedal training plans. Most of you know me already but if not, I’m an elite level cyclist, 2x British Champion, 13 years in the sport, 7 of those racing across the world at UCI Continental level.

I started helping cyclists as soon as I realised I was on a path not many were on when I was racing for one of the best teams in the UK under great guidance from sports and performance directors. I wanted to share and help while I was, and still am, on the path to finding my best. I take great pride that I am able to not just help you but show you, this to me is part of the community that cyclists want to be involved in and I’ve seen this at all levels of cycling across when I travelled the world. Pushing each other in an environment that gets the most out of themselves. 


The training plans that will get added over time are part of my passion for personal development in this sport and I really hope you find a lot of value in them and the content we will be creating along the way to help others. 


Why chose training plans from us?


Community driven cycling and training content with the ambition to get the most out of you on and off the bike.

Elite level training sessions, specifically tailored in each plan to bring you a steady but progressive stimulus over the duration of the plan.

Access to Ed’s experience with helping people with all kinds of training goals, ideas, aspirations both online and in person as well as using the community for their experiences. 

Adjustable workouts and real scenarios explained and made clear, allowing you to feel confident that what you are doing will provide longevity alongside your day to day life.

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