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BASE - 12wks - Mid Volume

BASE - 12wks - Mid Volume


During the 12wk block there is a healthy mixture of building tempo sessions, sweet-spot and small threshold sessions with overall emphasis on testing yourself aerobically with cadence variations and longer steady state efforts.

The vast majority of cyclists already have a substantial ‘base’ fitness if they have been riding for a while even without structured training. This base plan is a step on from that and will send you down a path of consistency, progressive overload and fulfilling training sessions. Plenty to get in to then!


Details - 

12wks total split in to 2 weeks ON, 1 week OFF


Weekly Hours - 7-8hrs


Frequency - 5 workouts/week


Suitable for - Everyone, specifically those coming out of traditional Base work and want to gradually add intensity or want to try some new workouts as part of an extended base.


Time of Year - Winter/Off Season/5 months before Peak

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