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BUILD  Anaerobic Stamina & Power Focus 8wk

BUILD Anaerobic Stamina & Power Focus 8wk


As your peak condition grows nearer, a key shift from basic abilities toward more specific ones takes place.

We address the shorter, more intense efforts that can make or break a rider as the pace kicks up and more prominent, race winning efforts come one after another. We won’t neglect the sub threshold work here though, as I find that cyclists can still benefit from lactate clearance workouts that bring them to sustain near-FTP power output for reasonably long periods. 

This plan will work well with the popular polarised approach to intensity distribution. 


Details - 

Great for Puncheur type riders, criterium racing, Zwift racing, fast group rides, short climbs.


Weekly Hours - 



Frequency - 5 workouts/week


Ideal Time of Year - 10+ weeks before Peak

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