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BASE Advanced "Big Ol' Base" - 12wks

BASE Advanced "Big Ol' Base" - 12wks


If you are looking for the most intensive base plan I offer then this is it. Covers lots of bases, with the latest focus put on developing the basic fitness abilities that are found in aerobic strengthening plans. Not to throw fun out of the window, there is a mix of some of my favourite boredom killer workouts along the way to get you through the 12 weeks. We won’t neglect the importance of low intensity stimulus or rest days and this is shown here with some use of polarised intensity distribution throughout the plan. 

Please remember that I am a big advocate for flexibility in training, so if something doesn’t feel right, or it feels too easy…you can adjust accordingly using the troubleshooting.


Details - 

12wks total split in to 2 weeks ON, 1 week OFF


Weekly Hours - 8-11hrs


Frequency - 5 workouts/week


Suitable for - More experienced and mature riders in their training years with the time availability to spend a good amount of time on the bike.


Time of Year - Winter/Off Season/5 months before Peak

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