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Elite level training sessions and flexible workouts. Using TrainingPeaks (Premium or Basic) you can add Ed as a coach and the plan will be imported into your calendar, starting on the first Monday after the plan was purchased. The plan meets the needs from beginner cyclists to elite athletes and everywhere in between. 


(If you have a Premium TrainingPeaks account, to move workouts around) The programme is designed so you can adjust which day you do which workout. Flexibility is golden. Guidance will be available in the troubleshooting.
If you have a certain amount of time to get ready for an event we will provide guidance as to how best use the plans on offer. 


Access to an experienced coach and community:

- Fortnightly Q and As about real world scenarios regarding your training or general riding topics. Leave a comment on Youtube Video or get involved with a deep topic discussion on a Live Stream. Submit Questions beforehand for Ed and the team to get back to in the Coached Q and A Channel. Email communication, when needed, to specifically alter the direction of a plan or to end it early to start a new one. Ed will always do his best to offer his knowledge and experience to help your situation, with the added benefit of having a community to draw valuable experience off to


Guides & Manuals

  • Helpful videos, documents and files will be shared with all of those that are part of the community on Discord. Most will be of my own creation but I will elicit the help from other subject matter experts. 

  • Expect more workout videos to follow along to and informative instructional videos over on youtube. 


  • This isn’t a direct 1-2-1 coaching service

  • There won’t be any direct changes made to your training plan 

  • This Is a place where you can follow exciting and useful workouts and training plans, ask questions with likeminded people in our community and learn lots of clever details about performance and how you can implement them in any form of cycling you do.


Our Backpedal x Ed Laverack training plans for cyclists

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